We help schools succeed.

Equipping Education Communities to identify and solve issues that prevent student success

MEMA Social Innovations provides consulting services to education sector entities. Most planning in schools and districts fail to address complexity and uncertainty within their system. We work closely with these communities setting them up for success every step on the way.

Problem Solving

Training Agile Teams

Equip Classrooms

Assist with Fundraising

Our focus on K-12 learning

MEMA Social Innovations work with schools around the world to reimagine education and student life. We work with government decision makers, traditional education providers and provide assistance NGO’s (Nonprofits).

Our Social Lab

MEMA Social Innovations uses a hybrid of agile frameworks and methodologies that we call SOCIAL LAB21. Traditional Scrum roles and Kanban boards are used along with Lean prototyping, XP philosophies and Design Sprints to organize and solve problems at a large scale or an individual classroom.

All members act as developers.

The developers could be a teacher, principal, board member, parent, student or any other stakeholder dedicated to innovative changes. These teams work in unique SOCIAL LAB21 sprints to develop prototypes that are ready to implement immediately. Some will be helpful and others will not, but with each iteration a new lesson is learned.

Our cause is bigger than just here.

While we’re based in Philadelphia, PA USA, Our organization takes on projects across the USA and Internationally. MEMA works closely with individuals and organizations India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Spain, Columbia, Brazil & the US to push for innovation.